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6th, 7th, & 8th Google Class Codes

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Talented Arts (Morton)


Band (Perry)

1st - Advanced band czxjmeu

2nd - Intermediate band r3672w4

3rd - Jazz Ensemble ynvbiit

4th - Intermediate band r3672w4

6th - Beginning band uhmxu3o

7th - Beginning band uhmxu3o

Desktop Publishing etc. (Miles)

1st-8th Quest for Success wfvjypa

2nd-8th Quest for success qa3y5j3

3rd-6th Desktop Publishing ksuwk2v

4th-6th Desktop Publishing i2mh7vu

5th-7th CS Discoveries 2y7chao

6th-7th CS Discoveries c4kpcpg

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Fax: 225.387.1434

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