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Two MMAM Theatre Students win State championship!

These two 7th graders got FIRST PLACE and performed on mainstage at the Louisiana Thespian Festival Competition! Congratulations to Syndle LeJeune and Carmen Mueller on winning McKinley Middle's THIRD STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in duet acting in the last 10 years! McKinley Middle is the only middle school that attends this competiton, and they are the youngest to ever win! We also did our first ever showcase which was a huge hit as well with Syndle LeJeune, Clare Appleby, Jules Cristina, and Kayln Bridgeforth making a splash onstage! Congrats to Shane Stewart, Joni Bankston, and Wil Thomas for taking our theatre program to the next level!

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1 Comment

Apr 28, 2022

Nannie n Papa are so very proud of our beautiful and talented granddaughter! You are the light of our world, precious girl, always, no matter the distance n time that passes, you will always be our girl n we will always be here for you, no matter what! Keep up the great work!

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